The Royal Day!


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Greetings! 🙂 Today, I go by the name of “The Disabled Princess” because I’m going to have my “horse and coach” take me to a very special event…

My appointment with a psychologist in order to get evaluated. It’s a step towards seeing whether or not I’ll be eligible for disability. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. For sure it will. I mean, the psychologist left a message on my answering machine last night to confirm the appointment and he sounded friendly.

I’ve also been apprehensive about the idea of having some stranger take me to the appointment. At first, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of using the DES transportation service, but I don’t want to take the chance of trying to drive out there and then end up being too fatigued or in too much pain to go any further. This appointment is a gotta-be! So, I decided that I would use the transportation option yesterday and I called DES to request transportation.

Plus, I have a plan to calm my nerves. I’m planning on taking on Ativan before the appointment. Plus, I’ll bring my pillow for my back and my crocheting so then I have something to do when being driven there. So, I’ll be a “brave, determined, chilled disabled princess” going in style! 😉

As a matter of fact, disability or not, we can ALL feel like royalty. The primary quality of feeling like royalty is self-respect!

Wish me luck that all goes well with this appointment!

Ta-ta! xoxo

~”The Disabled Princess”~

p.s. They should really come up with a Disney princess with a handicap! They haven’t don’t that yet!!


16 comments on “The Royal Day!

  1. Good luck for tomorrow – as an aside, I found that the Disability Support people seem to be more receptive if you are NOT cool calm and collected. Perhaps I am cynical, but I remember feeling as though I’d been through a wringer by the time I’d finished I did drive myself since no other avenues were offered but spent days in bed feeling wretched afterwards.
    I hope I haven’t made you worry, just wanted to know that its not all peaches and cream, it can be, but I haven;t had that luck.
    Ciao, Susan x

    • Thank you for the information! 🙂 today’s appt went fine. The driver was friendly and so was the psychologist. Since all that is out of the way, now I need to wait to hear back from des. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything else goes smoothly. 🙂

    • I was nervous too because I didn’t know what to expect. Plus, you hear all these negative stories about individuals trying to get disability but with no success. I try not to feed into the stories because each situation is different–the disability offices are all run differently, the staff and how they approach the situation is different, and how much information they receive. My heart goes out to the people who are still trying. My message for them–don’t give up! In the end, you will get what you deserve which is approval for getting disability.
      On a lighter note, do you think the “new” Disney princess should have a wheelchair, a walker, or an invisible illness? 😉

  2. Glad your appt went well Jen. There are tons of really good resources online to help you make sure disability process is successful. As for a disabled Disney princess? It would be great but it would be even better if Disney made their parks and especially restrooms more handicapped friendly (oops, I think I’m starting a rant so I’ll stop there 😉 )

  3. The problem with taking Ativan and not wanting to be to tired from driving is that … YOU WANT TO SHOW ALL EVALUATORS HOW FIBRO AFFECTS YOU. If you appear like nothing is wrong then why would they give you disability? I had a long hard fight to get on disability because they couldn’t see how it affected my entire live so much. I had my court review on a day that I was all kinds of hurting and wonky. The judge actually saw how I was moving and that I was talking like I was drunk and forgetting myself and immediately granted disability.

    On another note, I’m glad you thought your appointment went well.

    • I’m glad that you were able to get disability in the end. The whole transportation thing and taking the Ativan was to make sure that I would make it to the appointment. When driving long distances, I have the tendency to get panic attacks and I needed to keep this appointment.
      I’m just hoping the psychologist got a couple of hinters dealing with things that the “average person” would not do. 1. I have to tote a pillow around with me everywhere I go to help with alleviating my back. If I sit up against any uncomfortable surface, I’ll get shooting pains in my back. and 2. I had community transportation take me to the appointment. I didn’t trust my ability to drive myself there.
      So, as I said in today’s entry, the rest is in God’s hands. I did my part and now it’s up to the Disability Evaluation Services to make the decision.

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